Tired of Hauling those Trash Bags?

Let a Chaffer Stash your Trash!

Getting Started

  • First off, you'll need to create an Account. In order to create an Account, you will need a valid email address, as you will be sent a Confirmation Code that you will then be required to provide to complete your Account setup. We will also use your email address to send you messages (configurable).


  • Once you get logged in, you'll need to select the "Client" Account Type (the System will "remember" your choice so you don't have to select it every time you login. You can always manually change it back and forth if you want to be a Chaffer as well). Then you'll need to provide your Pickup Location (typically your Home Address) and other contact information. We use this information to identify and notify Chaffers who have elected to work in your area, and to keep you abreast of other information. All email notifications are viewable and configurable in your Account Settings, and can be completely disabled if you wish.


  • You will be prompted to select a Service Radius. This means you will tell us how far away from your Home Location you are willing to "cast your net" for Chaffers. The further away you accept Chaffers, the longer it might take to get your trash hauled. Once you define a Service Radius, you can see a list of Chaffers who are active in your area.

  • You can arrange Scheduled Pickups with specific Chaffers on an ongoing basis. You do not send out Pickup Requests for Scheduled Pickups, and there is no bidding for these Pickups. You can cancel a Scheduled Pickup at anytime, either jsut a one-time cancellation for a specific day, or the entire Schedule altogether, and you can always send out real-time Pickup Requests in addition to Scheduled Pickups.

  • If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the service you receive from any Chaffer, you can cancel any Payment on any Pickup as you desire. You will not be charged for any Pickup that you refuse Payment on. However, refusing payments is taken into consideration when providing services, and will affect your Rating with Chaffers, thus decreasing the number of Chaffers who will bid on your Pickups, and the increasing the amount they will be prompted to ask for from you.
    • You will be allowed a certain number of "freebies", for cases where the Chaffer fails to show up, or does not perform to expectations. But too many may well flag you as a non-payer in the system.
    • Chaffers can "forgive" your Payment Refusal, for instance if the Chaffer was extremely late, or unable to show up at all.

  • You will need to provide Credit Card or Paypal information in order to facilitate payments to Chaffers. Costs will always be clearly indicated, and there are no hidden fees or other unseemly charges applied to your account. You can easily find and review all charges, and you can receive a refund for any charges you wish to dispute.