Let a Chaffer Stash your Trash!

Or Maybe Make a Little Cash!

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Welcome to ChaffStaff!

The Fully-Automated Residential Garbage Removal Service Platform!

What is it?

ChaffStaff is a convenience service for people who routinely have to haul their trash to a dumpster... typically folks who live in apartment buildings or condos. Chaffers are self-employed individuals who are notified whenever a clent wishes to have some garbage collected. Clients can set up scheduled pickups or order real-time pickups.

How does it Work?

The System allows Chaffers to receive scheduled or real-time pickup requests from Clients, and Clients use it to create scheduled or real-time pickup requests. Chaffers and Clients can use the website or our Mobile App (currently available for Android Only).

So basically, the Client stages the trash in a convenient location (typically just outside the front door), and a Chaffer comes by and takes it to the nearest viable garbage recepticle (a.k.a. dumpster). That's about it!

Who would use this?
  • Clients
    • Typically Apartment or Condo Dwellers... anyone who would like to have somebody come and take their trash to the nearest dumpster.
      • Our target audience, for example, is the person who lives in a 3rd floor apartment (without elevators, no less!), and the nearest dumpster for the apartment buidling is like 200 yards away. That person might happily pay a small fee to have someone just haul that trash away as needed.

    • Not really intended for people who live in houses, who only haul the trash from the garage to the sidewalk... that's usually not such a chore that it rates outsourcing... but we'll absolutely accept you, too! Who knows... maybe you have a really long driveway!

    • In addition to those who are simply seeking convenience, we also seek to provide our services to the disabled and elderly. These Clients receive deferential treatment, including specialized Chaffers and discounted rates. .

  • Chaffers
    • Typically teenagers and young adults looking to earn some extra cash, kind of like a paper route back in the day. But really, anyone who wants to "make some cash haulin' trash" is welcome to join!

    • Chaffers must be at least 13 years old, or of a minimum age as required by their state or other local law. ChaffStaff is headquarted in Denver, CO, USA, and therefore abides by Colorado Law at the minimum.

    • Chaffers must be able to lift and haul up to 30 lbs repeatedly.

    • Chaffers are independent contractors, and are not employees of ChaffStaff.